How to stand out. No, seriously.

16 Aug

Establishment wasn’t too pleased when punks came about, back in the 1970’s and 80’s. The punk movement was about being young, rebellous, and – perhaps most importantly – different.
Or was it?

One punkishly-clad person might’ve stood out in a mass of plain looking people, but likely wouldn’t have looked as peculiar next to his peers. People like looking similar, just to make sure they belong somewhere. It’s the most appealing aspect of a subculture.

Over the past 25 years, most people who wear clothing that’s considered typically “punk” simply copy their predecessors. Thus, it’s been a long time since punk fashion was last truly considered shocking or edgy.

The punk aesthetic has been adapted to fit other moulds; Avril Lavigne turned it into something befitting of a teen popstar, and fashion powerhouses Carine Roitfeld and Kate Lanphear aren’t shying away from a little punk in their wardrobes either.

There is, however, one fashion consolidation I have yet to come across:

That’s right, pearls and a mohawk. I’ve never seen pearls paired with anything “rebellous” really.
Lace, the other thing boys refuse to wear, has an erotic feel to it at times, but pearls haven’t. They’re sweet and pure.

Dessin de moi.


1 Aug

Hi there! I’m back from Scotland, and I proudly present you these wedge booties.

I’m always tempted to buy shoes that look like pieces of art on their own, only to find out they’re very hard for me to combine with my usual style.
I’ve increasingly found myself wanting to top off my outfits with a basic pair of ankle boots. I had one pair, but they’re high heeled and fur lined – wintery style, but not frost-friendly. Designed for the seasonally confused, they’re like a sleeveless turtleneck.
I never think when I’m head over heels with a pair of shoes.

But for once, I actually made an effort to picture myself wearing the shoes I was about to buy with the items I frequently wear.
I wanted my new ankle boots to be simple, comfortable and wedged. Boy did I succeed!

Black lace-up booties: Urban Outfitters // Beige suede booties: River Island

And to finish this post: my favorite Suede song :)


9 Jul

A black dress!
It doesn’t get much simpler than that…

I’ll be going on vacation soon, so I won’t have as much time to update my blog over the next few weeks.
I will try to add some holiday pictures though!

See you soon!

Dress: Bijenkorf // Watch: Guess // Ballet flats: ZARA


8 Jul

Taking my new sandals out for a walk!
I always feel like Twiggy when I wear this dress! Well..erm…not body-wise (wasn’t she tiny? I’m a giant…), but you catch my drift!

Shirt-dress: H&M // Sandals: Supertrash // Watch: Guess


7 Jul

Guess what I bought yesterday, when I went shopping in Rotterdam!

Somehow, I hardly ever own the exact shoes I had in mind for a certain outfit, although I have many pairs…
I’m a shoe person!

Sandals: Supertrash // Ballet flats: ZARA

Weißen Blüten

4 Jul

I’m mourning the absence of summery heat ;)

Long sweater: Bijenkorf // Jeggings: H&M // Watch: Guess // Sneakers: Converse // Nail polish: Chanel Gondola

L’Echarpe Infinie

1 Jul

Infinity scarf: American Apparel // Top: H&M // Army harem pants: G-Star // Shoes: Mango // Nail polish: Chanel Gondola


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